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Tamrin Supplies the world at large with Organic EU AND USDA-NOP Certified Sesame from Humera and Wolega, Ethiopia. In addition, we export washed and unwashed coffee, different spices like Turmeric fingers, dried ginger, and Uncrushed pepper. Beans and Peas are on the list of our produces tamrin exports globally.

Coffee & Oil Seeds

Arabica Coffee, Organic & Commercial Sesame Seeds, Flax Seeds, Niger Seeds

Coffee Arabica

Sesame Humera

sesame Wollega

Niger Seed

Flax Seed

Pulses & Spices

Beans, Peas and Spices

Black Cumin



Desi Chick Pea

White Pea Beans

Kabuli Chickpeas

Light Speckled Beans

Soya Bean

Green Mung Beans